Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Companies That Use Perl

I recently saw this site mentioned in one of the LinkedIn Perl forums and thought it provides an interesting way to promote Perl.  It is a listing of many of the companies in the Los Angeles area that make use of Perl for major product development- http://perl.la/ One thing that I think is also interesting about this site is the way they present the list of companies.  While I can think of many reasons a “text-like” list of hyperlinks (used by other such lists) can be advantageous, the graphical way perl.la displays its data is probably an interface with more marketing appeal. 

The list contains a number of companies that should be widely recognizable to those that are not already involved in the Perl community or even a computer related occupation – companies like CBS television, DreamWorks, Ticketmaster, and Experian. 

Seeing this site also made me think of some other lists of companies that use Perl such as these from the Perl 5 Wiki and other sources:

A list of applications written in Perl - https://www.socialtext.net/perl5/applications

A list of companies that use Catalyst - http://wiki.catalystframework.org/wiki/sitesrunningcatalyst

A list of companies that use Moose - http://moose.iinteractive.com/about.html

Perl is clearly still thriving!!!


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faraco said...

Perl is moving forward, we cannot deny that.

So far, I like using Mojolicious for 'modern' web development with Perl.